St Peter's Church at Preston Park

  • The nave, chancel and tower of St Peter’s Preston Park were built in 1250, which makes it the oldest building in Brighton.


  • In the 1870s the family from Preston Manor improved the chancel.  By tradition the lord of the manor had responsibility for the upkeep of the chancel.  The Stanfords, Macdonalds and Ellringtons are all commemorated in the chancel.


  • The wall paintings were created in 1260, but were damaged in a fire in 1906.


  • The most important painting is the murder in Canterbury Cathedral of Thomas Beckett in 1170.  This murder was carried out by the Knights of Henry II.


  • The nave was left plain as the upkeep had to be paid for by the villagers who were all quite poor.


The church is open every day.  If you would like to make a group visit, it is best to check first (see contact details below) that it has not been booked for an activity.  There is no entry charge.

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For more info call 03000 290 903