Preston Manor

Preston Manor is a charming historic manor house on the outskirts of Brighton & Hove.

Home to the Stanford family for over 130 years the Manor is decorated in elegant Edwardian style. Its contents and interior give a rare and fascinating insight into life both upstairs and downstairs during the early years of the 20th century.


Learning Sessions

Let's be Victorian Servants, 2 Hours, onsite, KS1

Come dressed as a Victorian servant to Preston Manor and find out more about the jobs a servant would do and what life was like for them. Experience what life was like for a Victorian servant by doing  some of the household chores yourself.  

Situations Vacant - Victorian role play, 2 Hours, onsite, KS2

Find out what life was really like for Victorian servants in a grand house. Come dressed as a servant applying for a job as a lower servant. Fully immerse yourself into the role. 

Support our Troops, WWI role play, 2 Hours, onsite, KS1+2

Lady Ellen Stanford invites your class to come and help her at Preston Manor in her voluntary work for the war effort. Lady Ellen's grandson Vere is at war in France and the household are doing all they can to help. Help prepare for a fundraising sale, make bunting, knitting and sewing, help Ellen write letters to soldiers, practice a recitial, help prepare medical supplies for Brighton's military hospitals, make biscuits for wounded soldiers, food parcels for prisoners of war and clothes parcels for refugees.  Come dressed in your finest school uniforms for a 2 hour session in role with Lady Ellen and one of her servants. 

Operation Stanford, 2 hours, onsite, KS2

It's 1933 and staff have been busy setting up the new Stanford Museum. The visiting Restorer has been murdered and the Gardener has been arrested.

Be a detective for a day, come and help the Assistant Curator prove his innocence, sift through the evidence, follow the clues, build up your argument and crack the crime.

Please read the letter to your class before their visit.

For more info call 03000 290 903