Hove Museum & Art Gallery

Jump into an eclectic world of toys, cinema, local history, and fine art at Hove Museum & Art Gallery. The museum houses the most important contemporary craft collection in the South East, and one of the most significant toy collections in the UK.

Explore the magical Wizard's Attic where highlights include dolls, teddy bears, a workshop for broken toys and a bedroom split by time. The museum also hosts a temporary exhibition programme.


Learning Sessions

Victorian Bygones 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Turn history detective with our Victorian household objects and find out how travel, trade and technology affected life at home during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Toys 1 hour, onsite, KS1

Come and see all sorts of toys, old and new, from Vicotrian china dolls and old teddy bears to toys that children would have made and played with in the street. Make your own cup and ball to take home with you.

Brighton in the Stone Age 90 minutes, onsite, all KS

Be a historian uncovering the story of Brighton's ancient past in the tale of Whitehawk Hill and the ancient people who built and visited it. Handle 5000 year old artefacts, become a Stone Age trader and hear Sussex folklore stories under a starry sky just like your ancient ancestors did.


All of our school session can be adapted for SEN/D schools. Our Learning Asisistant will discuss with you how best to adapt the session to meet the needs of your pupils. When booking please highlight you are a SEN/D school and the contact details of the staff member for us to liaise with.

For more info call 03000 290 903