Booth Museum of Natural History

The Booth Museum is a treasure trove of birds, butterflies, fossils, bones and skeletons. Founded by Edward Booth in 1874, the museum remains a fascinating celebration of natural history.

Learning Sessions

Meet the Booths 1.25 hours, onsite, KS2

How did the Victorians gain their knowledge of the natural world? Meet the remarkable Victorians Mr or Mrs Booth who will uncover the intriguing world of the Victorian collector. Students discover how real Victorian naturalists set about sorting, classifying and understanding the world in which they lived.

Skeletons 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Why do we need a skeleton? How do our bones move? How are animal skeletons different? Find the answers by handling real human and animal bones. Learn all about human bone identification and what we can discover about animals by looking at their bones in this captivating session.

Adaptation and Survival 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Find out how animals adapt to their environment by looking at real specimens. Investigate the ways that different animals survive in their habitat, discover why animals have camouflage, how this has evolved and how animals use it to survive.

Minibeasts 1 hour, onsite, all KS

Get up close to minibeasts and find out how to tell an insect from an arachnid. Discover different characteristics and how to tell them apart by closely studying and talking about various minibeasts including spiders, butterflies, centipedes, moths, stick insects, bees and snails.

To book any of our sessions please contact us on 03000 290903 or

All of our school session can be adapted for SEN/D schools. Our Learning Asisistant will discuss with you how best to adapt the session to meet the needs of your pupils. When booking please highlight you are a SEN/D school and the contact details of the staff member for us to liaise with.


Natural History Specimen Loans, all KS

The Booth specimen loans service runs as a drop in (first come, first served) on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, 2-4:30PM. Items cost £15 per object to loan for periods of 1 month at a time. Please bring with you a form of photographic ID with your address or school/organisations address on it, along with either a letter on headed paper stating that the organisation will cover loss or damage, or a cash deposit of £100. For further enquiries please contact Lee Ismail or Kerrie Curzon  on 01273 292777.

For more info call 03000 290 903