Booth Museum

Meet the Booths 1.5 hours, onsite, KS2

Find out more about classifying the natural world in Victorian times and investigate birds, beaks, feet and feathers.

Skeletons 1 hour, onsite or outreach, all KS

Why do animals have skeletons? What can we discover about animals by looking at their bones?

Adaptation and Survival 1 hour, onsite or outreach, all KS

How do different animals adapt to their environment? How does camouflage help them?

Minibeasts 1 hour, onsite or outreach, all KS

Can you tell an insect from an arachnid? 

Early Years 1 hour, onsite, EYFS

Come and discover our collections and find out all about museums. 


Brighton Toy & Model Museum

Toys, Puppets and Mechanics EYFS, KS1&2

Investigate the characteristics of old and new toys, including their materials. We also look at how toys move, focusing on the different forces which power them. 


Volk’s Electric Railway

Full trip on railway, followed by talk and guided tour 1.5 hours, all KS  

Tours include engineering workshops and sheds dating from 1900. Talks include the seafront, technology, history, the environment, solar power. 


For more info call 03000 290 903