Learning Sessions

Brighton Museum

Costume 1 hour, onsite

Find out what people wore in the past, from Victorian times to the1960s. KS1&2

Explore how changing roles of women have been reflected in fashion. KS3+

Image & Identity 1 hour, onsite, KS3+

Explore identity, diversity and culture in Great Britain today. 


The Royal Pavilion

Her Majesty's Servants – Victorian Costumed Tour 1.5 hours, onsite, KS2

Come in role on your first day as a Victorian servant and meet one of Queen Victoria’s servants as they show you around the palace and talk you through your daily duties.


Preston Manor

Victorian Manor House Activities 1.5 hours, onsite, KS1

Experience Victorian life both upstairs and downstairs, and come dressed as a Victorian yourself.

Situations Vacant – Victorian role play 2 hours, onsite, KS2

Apply for a job as a servant at Preston Manor and come in role to be shown the tasks of servants by the housekeeper and maids of the manor. 


Old Police Cells Museum

Brighton and Policing 1.5 hours, onsite, KS2&3

Find out how policing began in the UK and how it changed as the town grew from 1832, in the former police station. 

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